In order to a better lifestyle with long-term results, improving both diet and physical diet is important. Some people prefer to improve one thing at a time; however, this will prove difficult getting the fast results that you require. A new study suggests that improving diet and exercising at the same time will give you the results that you crave; a healthy body and a good lifestyle.

It is important when considering fitness and nutrition combined to note that each individual has different needs and the approach be individualized. You need a program that works for you that will not strain you in your lifestyle change. Therefore, in case you are unsure about how to go about it, you can make use of professionals to guide you in managing your program.


Good nutrition will improve your metabolism and help give you energy for exercise program that you include simultaneously to your nutrition. Additionally, proper nutrition will give your body the energy required for tissue damage repair that may be caused by the onset of an exercise program that you were not used to before.

Weight Control

Eating well and exercising allow for proper weight loss and you do not harm your body in the process of shedding weight off. Granted that you eat low calorie foods that are nutrient-dense, you are assured having proper weight control. These foods includes; vegetables, lean meat, fruits, as well as other proteins that fill you up and avoid need for constantly taking snacks.

Good Health

Proper nutrition and regular exercise ensures that you maintain good health and prevent various conditions. These conditions include; hypertension, heart disease, stroke, depression, osteoporosis, and type two diabetes among others.

Self Esteem

By pushing your physical activity further, you are guaranteed to have improved physique. With an improved physique, your self-esteem is likely to improve as you now have a better image. With a better physic, you also have improved choice insofar as your choice of wardrobe is concerned. You can keep your physique better by including exercises that you like and have fun doing. They include; swimming, martial arts, jogging, dancing and many more.


If you exercise vigorously for at least 30 minutes a day, you will sleep more soundly at night. A good night sleep ensures that your body and mind are well rested and you have higher energy levels and mental acuity the following day.

Post Workout Nutrition & Mike Isreatel: Context Is Everything

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Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE Pre-Workout Supplement – MassiveJoes.com RAW REVIEW

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MassiveJoes RAW REVIEW is a video series in which MassiveJoes.com Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, along with other members of Team MassiveJoes give their raw opinions on their first uses of the World’s newest supplements.

Each MassiveJoes RAW REVIEW video will address:

1. Product Formula/Breakdown
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3. Product Effects

MassiveJoes Raw Review will feature on the MassiveJoes.com YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and website beginning in September 2012. If you have a product that you would like us to review, please email us at sales@massivejoes.com

Another innovative initiative from the Team who brought you “Tried & Tested” – the most extensive supplement trialling program in Australia! Because at MassiveJoes.com, we are not in the sports supplement business, we are in the business of delivering the products and information to help YOU reach YOUR health and fitness goals.

In this video, MassiveJoes.com Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, gives you a RAW REVIEW on Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum PRE Pre-Workout Supplement!

Nutrition & Exercise for Energy – PART 4 (‘Morning espresso’ yoga practice)


Full bicep tricep workout. With post workout nutrition and commentary explaining exercises


Proper Nutrition And Consistent Exercise


Nutrition Overview | Labrada Lean Body Training Program

,Your personal trainer, Lee Labrada, explains the principles of the Lean Body diet plan: portion size, meal frequency, foods you can eat, foods to avoid. (HD Reupload)
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Welcome to your 12-Week Lean Body Challenge! Watch this Nutrition Overview and your personal trainer, Lee Labrada, will explain the principles of the Lean Body diet plan. Learn about portion size, meal frequency, foods you can eat, foods to stay away from and more!


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Correct Thinking, Nutrition, and Exercise – Ep #8

,Today I go over a different type of thinking, nutrition and exercise.

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Training Overview | Labrada Lean Body Training Program

,The Lean Body Workout Program makes up the exercise section of BANEX – balanced nutrition and exercise. For the next 12 weeks, you’ll be exercising daily. (HD Reupload)
Get Lee Labrada’s Free Training Program ► http://bbcom.me/2bvvM3t
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Your weight training schedule will be 2 days on and 1 day off. That means that if you train on Monday and Tuesday, you will rest on Wednesday, then you will train again on Thursday and Friday, then rest on Saturday. You’ll keep repeating this pattern for all 12 weeks. Your weight training workouts will be split into push muscles, pull muscles and kick/crunch muscles.


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CHEAT DAY With Intermittent Fasting (FULL DAY OF EATING) Fitness Nutrition cheat meal s

,Want To Enroll in the “30 Days Of Greatness” program? click here http://30daysofgreatness.com/

Cheaters DO WIN!

It’s difficult to say to yourself “I will NEVER eat burgers, fries, pizza, cake, cookies or sweet ass drinks ever again”. You’re clearly bullshitting yourself if you think that’s sustainable. The mere thought of that may keep you from even starting to eat right. That is why I recommend that one day a week you eat ANYTHING you want and forget about all of the DIET RULES I gave you for 24 hours!!! This is called a “CHEAT DAY”.

I already know what you’re thinking. “If I eat crazy for a whole day, won’t I ruin all the progress that I made? No. You see, eating “bad” for one day a week will NOT hurt you, the same way that eating “good” one day a week will NOT help you! It’s what you do constantly that counts! (Tattoo that statement into your brain!)

Cheat days are not only fun, but they help you eat right the other 6 days of the week. It’s easy to not eat a slice of pizza on a Tuesday if you know that you can eat 2 large pizza’s and a 2 liter bottle of soda all by yourself on Sunday!

Plus, and even more importantly – cheat days actually HELP you burn fat!

How Cheat Days Help You Burn Fat

Anyone who’s ever been on a diet can tell you that although things tend to start out well, that doesn’t usually last long; after the first week or so, your rate of fat loss slows down dramatically. You might have lost 5-7 pounds in the first initial days, then you might only lose about half of that over the next several weeks.

Your hormones are to blame for this. There’s a hormone called leptin that dramatically influences a number of mechanisms related to fat loss. Leptin is known as the “anti-starvation hormone”. Leptin plays a huge role in controlling your rate of fat loss, because it controls a few other hormones that also affect metabolism and fat loss (most notably the thyroid hormones T3 and Tw).

Put in the most basic terms possible: when leptin levels are high, you can lose fat quickly; when leptin levels are low, fat loss slows down. The problem is that leptin levels drop when you’re dieting!!!

Leptin levels are influenced by two things: the amount of body fat you have and the amount of calories that you consume. Your body fat percentage influences leptin because leptin is made in the fat cells; more fat equals more leptin.

Leptin’s evolutionary function was to slow the metabolism and conserve energy (and fat) during times of famine. As a result, when you take in fewer calories, leptin levels decrease, helping you to survive the famine.

But if there is no famine, you are just dieting to burn fat. And when you’re on that diet, you are decreasing fat mass and have a reduced caloric intake. As mentioned, this is a surefire way to tank leptin.

It basically works like this: lower calories = lose fat = reduce leptin = stop losing fat.

This does not bode well for your fat loss efforts; the more fat you lose, the more difficult it will be to lose fat. This is why losing the last 5 pounds is in many ways harder than losing the first 50.

But here is the thing, if you increase leptin levels, you can start losing fat again!

And that is why you NEED to have a cheat day! You see, cheat days aren’t just about taking a “break” from dieting; they’re a tool for helping you lose fat. Remember, a big factor of leptin levels is your caloric intake, and a cheat day allows you to drastically increase the number of calories you consume, allowing for increased leptin levels.

Cheat days work! You should be doing it EVERY WEEK! It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle.

I am not the only one that is a strong believer in cheat days! “The Rock” talks about his weekly cheat days here– http://youtu.be/0w6bOOq–AU?t=1m25s

Go crazy on your cheat days. Or you can just eat more of your favorite foods plus some treats you’d normally refrain from. But if you’re like me then you WANT to eat cake, pizza, burgers, and hot wings (my people LOVE hot wings)!!! I usually schedule my cheat day on Sunday, but it does not have to be the same day every week! You can change it to any day of the week when you have to go to a wedding, party, holiday, etc… Just make sure it’s only ONE cheat day per week…you cheater!

8-30-13 Project Mayhem – Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

,@CKostryca asks:
Hey rich would love to hear some good advice on pre workout nutrition and post wod workout nutrition 🙂 #cfprojectmayhem

 Muscle and Bone Strength

Muscle and bone strength is important, as you cannot hold your skeleton in proper alignment. By improving your nutrition and having a good exercise program, you are guaranteed to have improved bone and muscle strength. Additionally, you will have stronger tendons and ligaments that improve the capacity to hold the skeleton network in place.

 A Healthy Heart

The heart is a muscle that functions to distribute blood throughout your body. With improved nutrition, you maintain a healthy heart. Additionally, maintaining activity through exercise helps your heart pump faster; therefore, the heart remains healthy.

The above are some of the benefits you can expect to achieve once you maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Healthy Fast Food Choices – Alyssia’s Vlog – Mind Over Munch

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Today I walk you through some of the healthier options if you MUST eat fast food. NOTE: MIND OVER MUNCH IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THESE RESTAURANTS OR BRANDS. I just wanted to show that sometimes the “healthier” choices when eating out may not always be what you’d think…

Check out my food judgment vlog:

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Calculate your Subway nutrition:

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Calculate your Starbucks nutrition:

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What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Meals

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Welcome back, babes! Enjoy another rendition of What I Eat In A Day! I hope you enjoy, xo.


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Baby Panda Games | Healthy Eater – Baby’s Diet | Babybus Games For Kids

,Baby Panda Games | Healthy Eater – Baby’s Diet | Babybus Games For Kids

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✌ About this game :

Wondering how to get your little one to eat? Here is a fun game to outsmart a picky eater! Learning healthy eating habits at a young age can reap benefits for a lifetime. Children will discover the importance of balance diet while playing games!
Become a good eater! Join the fun with the little panda and eat veggies, prawns,meat and all kind of food!

Fun features:
– Personify veggies, staple food and meat as cute friends! Play with our panda!
– Lots of silly games and interactive scenes to play with veggies! End picky eating!
– Make all kinds of nutritions visible and fun! Help the cute panda.

Healthy Eater is a wonderful game free for kids! Plenty of veggies, prawns and healthy food! Let children play for free while they learn about healthy food! Outsmart their picky habits with Babybus for free! Enjoy with Kiki, our panda, this cute adventure!

Healthy Eating For Your Budgie

,This video takes a quick look at some healthy tips for your budgie.

Van Life; Healthy Eating!

,Van life; healthy eating.


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A Week In My Life + Healthy Eating VLOG 6 | GabyTeeMua

Let’s all take a wheatgrass shot every time you hear me say “literally” in this video! We’ll be the healthiest kids in school.

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Amazing vegan channels that are sure to inspire you:
The Edgy Veg

Lauren Toyota & Hot For Food

Cheap Lazy Vegan


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HELLO & WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL! My name is Gaby and I am a professional freelance makeup artist from Miami, FL. I spent some time at a makeup school in south florida where I learned many makeup artistry techniques that I would love to share with all of you! On my channel you will find many tutorials ranging from contouring, smokey eye looks, cut crease looks and much more. You will also find videos about weight loss and fitness because I am currently on a fitness journey of my own.

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Healthy eating made simple

,Ellie Krieger explains how to make recipes


,Hey loveliess! I’m back with a LIFE UPDATE + SNAPCHAT Q&A!
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Eating Healthy on a Budget w/ Claudia and Coach Kozak – How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

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